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Our all inclusive tour price starts at $160 per person.

Can I expect any commentary or guide of the area while on tour?

We offer a fun, friendly and slightly irreverent tour commentary.

What experience/vibe can I expect?

We are real people who are food and wine lovers. While we never claim to be wine experts, we offer a fun and relaxed tour of one of the most beautiful regions in Australia.

Will your tour cater to those who do not speak English?

At this point in our business evolution, no. But we welcome all lovers of wine to enjoy the beautiful Yarra Valley Wine region with us.

What time will the tour depart? What time will it finish?

Approx 10:00am start – 5:00pm finish.

Can guests request a different itinerary?

No. We are working on expanding our offer in the future.

How many people will be present on the tour?

Anywhere between 1 and 10.

Can guests request a private tour?

Yes, of course.

How much is the tour?

From $160 per person (all inclusive) Does not include cellar door purchases.

Do you have a group booking discount?

Yes, $5 a head maximum discount is available for a group booking of 10.

Is the lunch served separate?

No. Lunch is included in the tour price.

Can guests request an alternative pick up and drop off location?

No. We have pick up and drop off locations located in the CBD and Yarra Valley.

What is it that makes A Day on the Vine special?

We are proud to offer our guests a passionate, fun and relaxed local experience. You can expect some good Aussie sense of humour and plenty of local knowledge.

What can you offer that is different to everyone else?

A personal intimate experience – catered to the individual or group, looking to lose themselves in the magic of the Yarra Valley.

Can guests drink wine on the tour bus?

We are strictly NO BYO Alcohol. Due to restrictions, guests cannot drink on the tour bus.

Can children accompany adults on the tour?

A Day on the Vine is a strictly child free zone.

Group bookings and tailored itineraries available.

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